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We are aware that the “to the point” summaries on WebGhoster may seem a bit brief or scantly researched. But a short summary on which host to choose for your situation is exactly what we wanted to build on Webghoster.com. We could fill hundreds of pages with content about the 200 GB SSD shared disks that SiteGround uses vs the 160 GB SSD shared disks offered by their competitors. Or about the 20% coupon discount you can get when you enter ’20discountnow,’ making one option a bit cheaper than the other options. But we don’t think you’re interested in that kind of infodump. You just want to know what value you’re getting at what price, especially if you’re just starting out in the webhosting space.

As Warren Buffett once said:

Price is what you pay, value is what you get

So let’s focus on the value..

Value isn’t fixed in the webhosting world

Things change. Small hosting companies, for instance, get acquired by large hosting groups. You want to know what happens next? These hosting groups raise all their prices year over year and simply calculate the % of their clients who will stay with them. That’s happening with almost every small, independent hosting company out there right now, so if you are hosted at one of those companies, you are simply part of a calculation. The smaller hosting companies are becoming very unattractive because of these rising renewal costs.

The large hosting companies who want to keep making awesome products are the hosting companies you need.

We assign hosting companies value based on the following criteria:

  • Specialized hosting – for all the different hosting needs
  • Good price per month – low pricing is a must
  • Fast servers that deliver fastsite speed – for getting those strong SEO rankings
  • Superb reliability – for getting that 99.9% uptime

Of course, there are other points that are important but these are the points we mainly use in our decisions.

We analyzed over 80+ hosting companies before we made a top 10 selection, and we ended up with the strongest three players in the space. Many of the hosting companies we mention are well known and official partners of WooCommerce hosting or WordPress hosting, making them ideal partners for your hosting needs.

Why we list only a few options

We could use a lot of words here to fill up our text fields and get our website rankings higher. But it simply is what it is: we want to make things easier for you. You don’t have to pick our #1 option; you can also look at #2 and #3, as they are also extremely strong compared to the many others we reviewed and tested. If the companies are in our top list, you can be sure you are working with the best out there.

Who we are

Webghoster.com is owned by Refermedia. We are working in the web hosting space for over 15 years now and are more than ready to help you pick the best hosting option available. For WordPress, for Woocommerce or for the cloud. If you seek more info you can always contact us below.


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